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X-Greenland2010 is a norwegian snowkite expedition planning to cross  Greenland from south to north during may and june 2010.

After having crossed the mountain plateaus of Norway several times, We feel that a cruise over the inland ice of Greenland is the next appropriate step. In this way we follow in the footsteps of some recent expeditions, and also in respect of the original polar explorers like Nansen and Amundsen.

We are planning to start from a drop of point between «Dog Camp» and the old radar station DYE2, and then snowkite northbound. Hopefully we are sliding down from the glacier close to Qaanaag / Thule. The planned sailing distance is about 1500 to 1800km

The expeditions consits of four members. All experienced long distance snowkiters from Norway.    

Planned Route: 


X-Greenland news in the press:

Other kite expeditions on Greenland at the same time


The pictures are from Varanger Arctic Kite Enduro, also called VAKE-09. A three day competition at 70 degrees north in Norway. Probably the hardest and longest snowkite competition in the world. We will also participate in VAKE-10.

Taking part in this race is the best training we can get for X-Greenland 2010